The timeline of Leonardo DRS’s 50 years of innovation is peppered with notable technologies and capabilities that have given militaries around the world a warfighting edge. Here’s a look.

In the 50-years since two young engineers named Leonard Newman and David Gross started a small defense company called Diagnostic/Retrieval Systems above a General Electric appliance store in Mount Vernon, New York, their company has become a widely respected, technically advanced mid-tier defense contractor that military organizations around the world turn to for innovative and highly capable solutions.

Since that founding in 1969, tens of thousands of employees have perfected their craft each day with one unifying purpose in mind: to help defend those who defend all Americans and our allies.

The 50-year history of Leonardo DRS is defined by the company’s amazing people and technology. By helping the Navy sail fast and quiet, making the Army and Marine Corps more lethal, connected and protected, and preparing the Air Force to confront a range of threats, the people of Leonardo DRS from one generation to the next have given American warfighters a critical technology edge.


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