Conference: “the Integrity Role for Success and Promoting International Business Overseas”
December 4, Bucharest

Venue: The Palace of the Chamber of Commerce Romania
CCIR Business Center, the Blue Hall
Organizer: The Government of Romania



Universul Juridic
The Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce from Romania
Radio Romania Actualitati
Aura Natural Gold Water Co Ocna de Fier
The Maritime Chamber for Economic Affairs in Romania

Under the guidance of The Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce from Romania

With the participation of:

The Ministry of Justice M.J.
The National Anti-Corruption Directorate DNA
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs MAE
The Bilateral Chamber of Commerce & Industry Romania – Russia
The Bilateral Chamber of Commerce & Industry Romania – Ukraine
Lucas Communications
VEST Energo S.A.
EuroTotal Com
VIVERA Company
NEI Company
Metarom Industries

To include the special participation and performing of

Conference topics:
° Transferring
° Payments
° Accounting international for:
° Mergers & Acquisitions
° International money transferring
° Triangle financing
° Jeremy Funds
° etc

Illegal money transfer
Business Intelligence Financing Matrix in Europe and world-wide
(Anti) Money laundering enhanced by AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The VAT regulations and likewise leveraging
Law and Jurisdiction for criminal financial and investment transferring
Judicial Practice
Law enforcement
Criminal files (archives)
Penal Code
The Code of Criminal Procedure

Special Guests:
Nasty Vladoiu, Chairman of International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry, President of Romania-Ukraine Bilateral Chamber of Commerce, Tatiana Tihon, General Secretary of Russia-Romania Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Conf. Univ. Dr. Norel Neagu-Professor at the Law Faculty POLICE ACADEMY, Professor Dr. Mihai Hotca-Nicolae Titulescu University, Augustin Zabrautanu-lawyer, Elena Hack-prosecutor at the National Anti-Corruption Directorate, former candidate for the position of European prosecutor, Dr. Sorin Dobircianu-Defence & Security international sr. expert, Paul Mirica-International sr. expert, Dan Petre-international advisor, Petre Racanel-foreign diplomacy and economic relations, Rasvan Gabriel Toader-Vice Chariman of NEI Corporation, official representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration, different diplomats representing foreign missions and embassies in Romania and many other guests.

The Law and the Business internationalization.
Integrity in the private environment, the essential sustainable element for the business success.
The managing of the law enforcement risks in the private environment.
Fraudulent accessing of the European Union Funds.
The Diversion, Hijacking, and Embezzlement of the Public Funds.
The impact of Law, concerning the money laundering upon the business environment (L.129/2019).
Commercial Diplomacy outcome.
New strategy for recovering the National budget money from abroad, as result of criminal activities, internationally.etc



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