The Economy of Romania
About the economy by the end of cycle
The Capital Market
The way to consensus

Promoting Romania towards investors

Organizers: Oxygen Events Romania

The human resources and the future of work
The financial education
The realities concerning entrepreneurship
Migration: the economic, social and territorial impact
The digital revolution
How much free we are?
The challenges of the cycle’s end
From to the world-wide economy to the national economy
Main partner: BT Transilvania Bank
Partner: CEC BANK with the support of:
CFA Society Romania
Antoaneta Barbu
Media partners:
Editura Integral
Finzo m
Canal 33

Special performing of: Alexandru Dascalu, Managing Director Founder Institurte, member of the BOARD of the Society of the National Romanian Mineral Waters, Rodica Tuchila-executive directorof the Romania Banking Association and Constantin Rudnitschi, journalist.

FOCUS: Retraining & Reskilling, the NEW L&D Modal for profiling the future economy
Guests: Bogdan Suditu-conf.univ.( Bucharest University), Sorin Faur (founder of the HR Academy), Dorin Bodea-senior consultant & General Director Result

Development, Antoaneta Banu-Creative Communication Specialist & Trainer, Liviu Rogojinaru-general secretary of the National Council for the Small and Medium Size Private Enterprises in Romania, Nicoleta Macovei-CEO s&t, Cristian Gava-strategic coordinator Communication ANSSI, Marian Ignat-Executive Director Digital Banking BCR (Romanian Commercial Bank), Titus Grecescu-director Appello, Mihai Buda-Account manager Mastercard, Andrei Radulescu-expert, radu Nicoara-Managing Director LUCAS COMMUNICATIONS, Dr.Sorin, Hermina Apostol & Ileana Ghica-OXYGEN Events, Virgiliu Gheorghiu-Managing Director AMADA VIVA, Margareta Neron-international expert, Petrescu / lawyer, Dr.Andrei Radulescu-director of macro-economic analysis BT & scientific researcher-the Institute for World Economy, Adrian Codarlasu-President CFA Society Romania, Florin Danescu-Executive Chairman of the Romanian Banking Association, Valentin Lazea-Chief Economist The Romanian National Bank, Daniela Serban-President of ARIR, Prof. Cristian Paun, Vice Dean the Academy of Economic Studies etc.


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