GLOBAL FORCE 2023 — Welcome to Huntsville.

Breaking Defense is on the ground at the AUSA Global Force conference for its return after a several-years absence. As part of our coverage, we’re bringing readers the sights of the show floor, where the defense industry is showing off its wares, as well as a sense of the discussions happening around the conference.

Northrop Grumman Bushmaster Chain Guns

Maker Northrop Grumman says this next generation of the Bushmaster Chain Gun reduces weight while also increasing gun stability and lowering gun recoil. Also showcased are new advanced munitions designed to take on the next generation of aerial threats. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)


For armored vehicles and tanks working in low visibility,the SetasVR system on display by HENSOLDT consists of a series of mounted cameras and sensors that provide a 360 degree view to soldiers operating the vehicle from inside. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)

BAE SYSTEMS BvSIO All-Terrain Vehicle

The BvS10 all terrain vehicle was displayed at a booth belonging to BAE SYSTEMS, showing off what the company said was the platform’s equipment flexibility for a variety of missions. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)


The “Multiport Tactical Hub” being touted by FISCHER a “easy to use” platform that pairs with an all in one application to manage both power and data flows of all connected devices soldiers might need. Connection to a HUD is designed to allow soldiers to view and manage their systems without looking down at a screen. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)

Minstrel Group THOR Drone

Minstrel Group describes the THOR VTOL Mini-UAS as “a low altitude multi-rotor platform designed for a wide range of surveillance and reconnaissance missions.” Key Features they highlight include programmable flight patterns, fast deployment, low sound profile and signature, and a clear 360 degree view. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)


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